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The Sims Forums. MC management core – provides you use of methods to modify the online game towards your liking

The Sims Forums. MC management core – provides you use of methods to modify the online game towards your liking

ATM – purchase a credit card that features actual options

Label a baby-sitter – Dub a Nany for only 15 simoleons

1st Really like – your son or daughter may have his or her initial break and very first boy/girlfriend

Promote household – their Sim can nurture girls and boys and dogs

Young ones can run your canine – Send she or he off to wander your dog

Provisions shipment solution – Order virtually any food within the total of TS4 for inexpensive

Stay sales – owned a company at home

Way more close friends – Why don’t we their Sim have significantly more than one buddy

No dining establishment invoice once asked – Sim doesn’t need to pay out as soon as invited to a dining establishment

NPC roomate – their sim might a roomate people do not have to get a handle on (MEANS 60’S ALLURE STUFF PACK)

Simbay – provide foods on Simbay (The Sim e-bay)

Simda going out with app – your own sim can find usually the one through Simda (The Sim Tinder)

Teach your very own Puppies – beginning working out on pet point of the pet’s lifetime

Ultrasound skim – know the gender and number of babies

Way to Fame – get a popular style or star and work out millions

Social websites mod – DM your very own sim good friends using this mod

Sugardate job occasion – turn a profit when you’re a Sugarbaby

Part-time tasks – Do you sims only operate half the morning

Preschool – forward your infant to preschool in which they are going to setup abilities people need

School mod – Send your sim to university to obtain their diploma in whatever you select

Foods = unhealthy calories mod – Meals makes your own sim gain weight and offers your very own sim an excuse to visit a fitness center

Examine mod – a person sim may do many things such as obtain toenails performed to using a parenting course. Hands-down most readily useful mod previously

Funtional zit – your own sim can breakout with spot

True well-being – This mod can make the happier spirits, substantial

UI secrets extension – let us you do any swindle without keying it in the cheat pub

Exclusive college – Enhances ability for children substantially but shell out college tuition

Stop by swim – accompany your little ones to college and help them hit their particular education

Playable Pets – Have the abilty to talk to your Pet’s feeling and requires

Feedback those we overlooked and ought to include!


These are the two mods i personally use.

These are the basic two mods I use.

> @M_Valentine22 claimed: > MC management hub – offers you entry to options to restore the game towards your liking > Automatic Teller Machine – purchase credit cards which has had actual applications > contact a baby sitter – name a Nany for only 15 simoleons > principal enjoy – she or he provide the company’s basic crush and primary boy/girlfriend > Foster families – the Sim can nurture children and pet > teenagers can walk your canine – Send your youngster out over try to walk the dog > dinners shipments services – Order virtually any nutrients from inside the entire of TS4 for inexpensive > stay in organization – operate a profitable business at home > much more best friends – Let’s their Sim produce than one buddy > No eatery statement any time called – Sim doesn’t have to pay whenever wanted to a cafe or restaurant > NPC roomate – your very own sim might have a roomate that they do not have to control (NECESSITATES CLASSIC GLAMOUR THINGS PACK) > Simbay – provide foods on Simbay (The Sim Ebay) > Simda dating software – Your very own sim can find the one through Simda (The Sim Tinder) > teach the Puppies – get started it right at the pet stage of dog’s being > Ultrasound browse – Find out the sex and wide range of babies > way to popularity – Become a famous type or professional to make large numbers > social media optimisation mod – DM your very own sim neighbors because of this mod > Sugardate job show – turn a profit because they are a Sugarbaby > Part time opportunities – Have you sims best operate half the day > Preschool – send out your child to preschool where they’ll create skills people require > school mod – Send your own sim to institution to get their degree in anything you determine > meals = excess calories mod – meals helps make your very own sim gain weight and offers the sim good reason to consult with a health club > examine mod – your sim may do many specific things like obtain their fingernails utilized to using a parenting classroom. Hands-down very best mod previously > Funtional zits – Your sim can breakout with places > real glee – This mod generate the happier state of mind, important > UI tricks expansion – we should you will do any cheat without typing it in the swindle bar > exclusive class – increases skill for youngsters dramatically but spend college tuition > pay a visit to school – adhere to young kids to college and help them reach their particular degree > Playable pet – host the abilty to talk to your puppy’s aura and requirements > > > Comment the people we missed out on and must combine!

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